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Volunteer for your Region

Every Royal Photographic member gets assigned to a region, each region puts on over 8 events a year for our members and the public to enjoy. From Distinctions advisory days to talks and Exhibitions.

Our regions simply couldn’t run without the array of volunteers who are involved in all aspects of running the regions. There are lots of roles within each region. Roles vary from 10 hours+ a week to ad hoc help at events.

If you would like to volunteer for your region, please get in touch with your local Regional Organiser or fill out the application form.


Main committee roles

  1. Regional Organiser - Responsible for leading a Region
  2. Deputy Organiser - Assists/deputises for the Organiser
  3. Treasurer - Responsible for keeping financial records and accounts
  4. Secretary - General admin, e.g. meetings, minutes, member communication
  5. Subgroup/Subarea Coordinator - Leads a small section of a Region

Additional Committee Roles

These are flexible roles which could include any combination of the following, as required by the individual Region 

  1. Web Editor - Manages microsites within the RPS website, e.g. updating/posting content and events
  2. Publication Coordinator - Creates and compiles content for publications such as regular e-newsletters, Group Journals, etc.
  3. Exhibition Coordinator - Organises exhibitions, including application and selection processes and logistics
  4. Event Coordinator - Organises events (e.g. talks, walks, workshops), including booking speakers, venues, etc.
  5. Distinctions Coordinator - Works with the Distinctions department to organise successful Advisory and Assessment Days
  6. Communications Coordinator - Responsible for social media, publicity, advertising and/or promotion
  7. Membership Coordinator - Welcomes new members, responds to member enquiries, collates member feedback, etc.
  8. Other - Ad hoc tasks as required, e.g. helping to set up a venue, providing refreshments, greeting members, etc.

Meet the Volunteers


Meet Lorena

Name: Lorena Cuervo

Volunteer Role: Marketing for the London Region

What attracted you to volunteering for the RPS? My passion for Photography and my high interest to create a network with other photographers in my goal to become a Professional Photographer.

What do you enjoy most about your role? It is exciting. It is new for me within photography field. There is so much to learn about and contribute. I’ll do my best.

What advice would you have for anyone who may be considering volunteering for the RPS? To organise in an effective way the available time to be able to enjoy, deliver and participate as much as you can.


Meet Paul

Name: Paul Cox

Volunteer Role: Regional Organiser, Southern Region, RPS

What attracted you to volunteering for the RPS?

Quite simply, I believed that (given my previous experience - business, family and life) I could add value to the organisation and administration of The Region. Fortunately, the people on the region’s committee thought so too, and the rest is history. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Getting out, meeting people and representing the RPS in the process. Bringing likeminded people together, whether it be at an Event, Advisory Day, Photowalk, or Workshop to discuss learn and add to the colourful, [sometimes] dramatic and immersive experience that is Photography.

What advice would you have for anyone who may be considering volunteering for the RPS?

Volunteering in the region gets you involved with the RPS at a different level. You have a voice in the region, you get to help out with events and the organisation of the region, you get to represent the region/RPS at events and your camera club (if you belong to one), and you get to see how the RPS works, nuts and bolts. It’s really interesting, rewarding, and challenging. And, it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, unless you want it too. As the saying goes – the more you put in, the more you get out.