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Tom Broadbent / Fangorn, Jedi Tiger at home in Swansea.
CREDIT: © Tom Broadbent / Fangorn, Jedi Tiger at home in Swansea.

The Photobook Club at the RPS

A series of talks and book signings at RPS House

The Photobook Club and the RPS present a monthly series of talks from photographers and artists. Curated by Tom Broadbent the series features members of The Photobook Club during the course of 2022. Books, zines and postcards from 26 Photobook Club members are available from the RPS at each event and during normal opening hours. Each speaker will be signing books after their presentation. 

CREDIT: Kirsty Mackay


May: Kirsty Mackay

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Kirsty will be discussing the book-making process of The Fish That Never Swam and My Favourite Colour is Yellow.

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Image: Kirsty Mackay


Blackdog 03
CREDIT: © Gavan Goulder / Black Dog


July: Gavan Goulder

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Gavan will be discussing Black Dog, a photobook that documents his recovery from depression, in an open conversation about mental health. The talk will be co-presented by Tom Broadbent, founder of the Photobook Club. 

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Image: Gavan Goulder


©Lottie Davies Quinn 009
CREDIT: © Lottie Davies / Quinn


August: Lottie Davies

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Lottie will talk about her multi-faceted project Quinn, a meditation on grief, loneliness, the search for meaning and the possibility of redemption through time and landscape. 

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Image: Lottie Davies



September: Carolyn Mendelsohn

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Carolyn will discuss her exhibition and book Being Inbetween and the community project Through Our Lens.

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Image: Carolyn Mendelsohn

86 (Sml)
CREDIT: © Kalpeh Lathigra


October: Kalpesh Lathigra

Friday, 7 October 2022

Kalpesh will be discussing Memoire Temperelle (which is published in Spring 2022) and Lost in the Wilderness.

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Image: Kalpesh Lathigra


CREDIT: © Holly Revell


November: Holly Revell

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Holly will talk about her project and zine, People Like Us. The project is an ongoing project exploring AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans and non-binary identities and experience.

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Image: Holly Revell

Copy Of ©Arteh Odjidja Pondering Mothers Bayelsa Nigeria 2018


December: Arteh Odjidja

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Arteh will be talking about the making of his project, The Stranger Series and the book of the same name which will be published shortly.

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Image: Arteh Odjidja