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Panel Members 2022 - 2023

Genres Listed A- Z

Please note: All RPS panel members are volunteers, and we must respect their privacy. Please do not contact panel members directly under any circumstances. This also helps protect your submission from any suggestion of undue influence. Any correspondence must be sent directly to the Distinctions department ( Failing to comply could result in your application being withdrawn. 

Applied and Portraiture Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Trevor Yerbury FRPS - Chair

Paul Walker FRPS
Kevin Wilson FRPS
Simon Leach FRPS
Jayne Odell FRPS
Michael O'Sullivan FRPS

Contemporary Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Tessa Mills FRPS - Chair

Richard Brayshaw FRPS - Deputy
Ravi Deepres FRPS
Philip Joyce FRPS
Ken Holland FRPS
Elizabeth Cowle FRPS
Mick Yates FRPS

Documentary Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Simon Leach FRPS - Chair

Dr. James Frost FRPS
Jane Hilton HonFRPS
Janey Devine FRPS
Tessa Mills FRPS

Ray Spence FRPS
Simon Street FRPS
Nick Hodgson FRPS

Landscape Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Paul Mitchell FRPS - Chair
Joe Cornish HonFRPS

Tony Worobiec FRPS
Alex Nail FRPS
Paul Gallagher FRPS
John Miskelly FRPS
Chris Palmer FRPS

Natural History Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Mick Durham FRPS - Chair

Moira Gardner FRPS
Ann Miles FRPS
Karen Berry FRPS
Dawn Osborn FRPS
Andrew McCarthy FRPS
Ann Healey FRPS


Associate & Fellowship

Ray Spence FRPS - Chair

Photographer, author and self-publisher
Lecturer in Photography

Tessa Mills FRPS

Maker of individually creative photography books

Richard Hall FRPS

Photobook Maker and Collector

Fiona McCowan FRPS

Specialist in hand-made books

Paul Mitchell FRPS

Photographer and Graphic Designer specialising in books and magazines

Dr Tim Daly FRPS

Photographer, author and self-publisher

Senior Lecturer in Photography

Travel Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Dr. Hazel Frost FRPS - Chair

Nick Despres FRPS
Will Cheung FRPS
Max Robinson FRPS
David Noton FRPS
Janey Devine FRPS

Visual Art Photography

Associate & Fellowship

Chris Palmer FRPS - Chair
Andy Wilson FRPS - Deputy

Paul Mitchell FRPS
Tony Worobiec FRPS
Martin Addison FRPS
Viveca Koh FRPS
Iñaki Hernández-Lasa FRPS
Polina Plotnikova FRPS
Ray Spence FRPS
Lorna Brown FRPS