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CREDIT: Anindya Majumdar ARPS

Anindya Majumdar ARPS

Digital Format

Statement of Intent

Dotting along the vast Tibetan frontier, erstwhile Himalayan kingdoms like Ladakh, Spiti, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal share a strong cultural resemblance with Tibet. Politically they were seldom, or never, a part of the empire. But strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism on the life of indigenous people of these neighboring kingdoms, make them a common refuge of the religion. In spite of divided by international borders, they are socially and culturally bonded together even in present modern time.

The portfolio is based on my several visits to these erstwhile Himalayan kingdoms over 5 years to portray the transfrontier influence of Tibetan Buddhism on these lands and their people. It represents the rhythms of local rural life and that of pastoralist nomads, the lamas (monks) and their exotic festivals, the remote architectures perched amidst high mountains. The portfolio is in monochrome to reflect ageless spirit of the region.