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Example Submissions

A selection of ARPS submissions to help inspire and inform anyone thinking of applying for the distinction

Please note: By the nature of displaying these images online, they will not have the same impact or quality that was shown during the assessment.  Please be respectful of other peoples work and achievements.  


Applied Photography*

Applied Photography: Photography which has been produced for an intended purpose, utilising a stated output. *


*updated title and definition for 2024

Contemporary Photography

Contemporary Photography: Photography that communicates a visual realisation of a stated argument, idea or concept.

Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography: Photography which communicates a clear narrative through visual literacy.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography: Photography that illustrates and interprets earth’s habitats, from the remotest wilderness to urban environs.

Natural History Photography

Natural History Photography: Photography which illustrates an element of natural world within an unrestricted, uncultivated and untamed environment.

Travel Photography

Travel Photography: Photography which communicates a sense of place.

Visual Art Photography

Visual Art Photography: Photography which communicates a creative vision.