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6 St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre
CREDIT: Dave Balcombe ARPS

Dave Balcombe ARPS

Print Submission

Statement of Intent

Looking Up

Too often people walk around looking down at their phones and fail to look up and appreciate the architecture above. Inspired by the curved roof of Newcastle Station (image 4) I have created extended geometrical patterns of many roofs and ceilings ranging from old cathedrals through Victorian stations to modern architecture to emphasise the complex and intricate patterns above us. The intention is to inspire others to look up and appreciate a different view of our buildings.

The idea for my panel came when I flipped and mirrored a photo of the roof of Newcastle station (#4) and generated a new pattern. After taking many photos and refining my technique I took my panel to an advisory day and was told to print larger, rearrange the layout and include a different pattern so I added the 3x2 tile arrangement. Fortunately this proved successful and I received my ARPS at Bristol. My advice is attend several advisory days even as an observer, work hard on print quality and presentation and don’t make the statement of intent too long.