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12 B Forward Loop Sequence
CREDIT: Glenn Porter ARPS

Glenn Porter ARPS

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Statement of Intent

When I was younger I enjoyed participating in a variety of extreme sports. Now a little older, I prefer to capture these sporting moments of windsurfing and surfing within my photography.

I particularly enjoy capturing water sports in stormy, inclement weather conditions, revealing the raw power of the sea, with a little subtle lighting. These sports are about enjoying the challenging conditions presented by the sea, with windsurfers and surfers enjoying the very strong wind and waves to enhance their action and performance.

In this panel I have sought to capture the atmosphere of rough stormy sea conditions and to freeze the action in both disciplines. I have tried to highlight the variety of skills, concentration and determination displayed by the windsurfers and surfers, along with the stark, stormy weather conditions and remoteness. To achieve this I have mainly used colour images along with a selection of monochrome surfing images.

My ARPS panel was compiled over a four year period, comprising of many visits to my local beaches in South Wales.

Taking the photographs in stormy weather conditions, when it was often very windy, wet and cold, was quite challenging. Stormy weather would often give a dull flat light, not conclusive to taking good photographs, but also on occasions, it would show very dramatic lighting conditions, adding to the impact of the photographs.

After months of deliberation of changing and swapping photographs, and even taking new photographs just before my submission date, I finally decided on my ARPS panel submission.