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12 Mycena Haematopus Bleeding Fairy Helmet
CREDIT: Graeme Clarke ARPS

Graeme Clarke ARPS

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Statement of Intent

I have been fascinated by fungi since graduating in Botany in 1965.

Often found in damp woodland, growing on leaf litter, trees, stumps and fallen branches, their spore­ bearing bodies have widely diverse forms which are weird and wonderful.

Some photographs in this panel show fungi in their wider habitat and others are in close-up, including one illustrating fine details of the remarkable structure for producing spores. Together they represent a variety of habitats, shape and colour which reflect the mystique of fungi.

Gaining the ARPS has been a journey! It began with a panel showing widely diverse species of fungi. After the initial shock of non-acceptance the chairman’s letter justifiably indicated why some images did not meet requirements. His oral supportive comments clearly indicated how images could indeed reach the expected level. It is important to act on advice. Finding first-class specimens, precise choice of viewpoint, careful lighting, meticulous post-processing and coherently selecting images proved vital to success.  Skilfully led by the chairman, assessors fairly judge applicants’ work – they do want candidates to succeed whilst maintaining the high standard of the distinction.