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Htet Hein ARPS

Images for Screen Submission

Statement of Intent

Inle Lake – A Floating experience

Born in Myanmar, since I was a child, my father who is a photographer brought
me to various parts of Myanmar. One place that left me with great impression
is Inle Lake.

The devout Buddhists adapt to the environment well, live in simply built houses
made of wood on stilts. They are largely self-sufficient farmers, fishermen or
cloth makers. They move about on the lake by their unique long narrow wooden
boats. Local fishermen fish in the open lake as well as in the mangrove areas.

During the “Thingyan”, the locals splash water to keep the body heat down in
summer. The “Hpaung Daw U Pagoda Festival” saw the locals on elaborate
floating vessels carrying the holy relics all over the lake.

This collection of images from Myanmar strive to showcase the various facets of
life in Inle Lake, where almost everything floats.

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