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CREDIT: Jennifer Willis ARPS

Jennifer Willis ARPS

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Statement of Intent

This panel is a tribute to and raises awareness of the work of a small Spanish dog shelter run by a team of dedicated volunteers. With minimal funding, the facilities are rudimentary with kennels of breeze blocks, wire fencing and small portacabin. Most of the dogs are victims of abuse, abandonment and unintended breeding.

Photographically it was challenging. The environment is dusty and dirty with only natural light - often harsh Spanish sunshine. All images were taken within the constraints of the essential daily routine of cleaning, feeding, exercising, medicating and veterinary care, some even through the wire fencing.

My panel shows the essence of the care provided by volunteers as they work to rehabilitate the dogs both physically and emotionally, aiming to find them homes, many outside Spain. My own two dogs - top center panel image - adopted after living a year in the shelter - are perfect examples.