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Mark Reeves ARPS 14
CREDIT: Mark Reeves ARPS

Mark Reeves ARPS

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Statement of Intent

I almost exclusively take photographs outdoors and often choose plants or modern buildings for my subjects. 

I am sometimes struck by how they can share similarities of form;  lines, shapes and textures. 

Of course, some of these similarities arise through architects intentionally drawing inspiration from the natural world whereas others, I am sure, are entirely unintended. 

My panel features images of buildings and plants photographed in ways that illustrate and emphasise some of these similarities.

This idea came about while processing the hostas (no. 3).  Having taken the Guggenheim (no.13) only a few weeks previously, I was immediately struck by their similarity.

Having had the idea, I looked through my catalogue to see what else I had that would fit the bill.  I found nine, leaving me short of four plant images.  Fortunately I live close to a botanical garden (on the Wirral) and a palm house (in Liverpool) so, although finding the right plants and compositions was a bit of a challenge, at least I didn’t have to travel far to find my subjects!