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CREDIT: Michael McAlister ARPS

Michael McAlister ARPS

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Statement of Intent

15 Martins

Martin is my partner and we have been together almost 20 years. He is a rare human being. Quiet and unassuming. Modest and uncomplicated.

A kind and generous gentle man.

The plan was to produce a collection of photographs which would represent him and his character, and which would evoke past memories of our time together.

Something for me to look back on.

Something to show my appreciation of him.

The wonky finger. The tache. His marks and blemishes. How his face wrinkles when he laughs. The bottom lip when he sulks. The earring he flatly refuses to take out.

The first photograph I took of him.

My aim was to be inventive and broaden my view of what a portrait can be, whilst deliberately restricting where the photographs were taken, to places familiar and comfortable to us both.

To quote Diane Arbus - 'the subject of the picture is always more important than the picture'.