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CREDIT: Paul Waller ARPS

Paul Waller ARPS

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Statement of Intent

The Serpentine Pavilion is an annual commission showcasing new work by international architects. The 2021 Pavilion features many fragmented spaces which defy classification (step or seat?, plinth or column?). Changes in the quality of light reveal different aspects of these spaces and subtle differences in their colour. Some areas of the Pavilion are exposed and weathered, whilst others retain the cleanliness of an interior.

My pictures of the Pavilion combine my love of architectural and abstract photography. My aim is to present a series of images where light, shade and colour are important, and to explore the ambiguity between shape and form inherent in photography; some images are clearly of three-dimensional objects, whilst others are at first glance two-dimensional, revealing their true nature only through close inspection of the play of light and shade. Individual images display only small details, but collectively they represent the character of the whole Pavilion.