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Qasim Syed ARPS

Images for Screen Submission

Statement of Intent 

Butterflies and Odonata bring happiness to people of all ages and backgrounds because of their colours and patterns. They are the living embodiment of summer and spring. These separate groups of flying insects complement each other in many ways, which is why I have presented them together. My panel shows the local species in two micro habitats close to my home in South West London.

I used focus stacking to allow greater control over light and focal points. The technique was used hand-holding or with a tripod, even in windy conditions.  I wanted clear backgrounds to isolate the subject and create intimacy with the viewer. I used local vegetation to present and associate the subject to the environment, and time of the year. I have got to know these species over a course of three years, planned their emergence and photographed them in the wild from dawn till dusk.

This GIF is for representation of the Sequence only. It does not reflect the image quality seen during the assessment.