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CREDIT: Ruth Morris ARPS

Ruth Morris ARPS

Images for Screen Submission

Statement of Intent 

Full of Green and Shaded from the Midday Sun.
Research for this panel enabled me to investigate more closely the individuality and wide variety of surface textures, tones and beauty of South East Asian foliage plants. In the intense heat of the almost equatorial sun and with the absence of seasons, leaf growth is non stop.

The intention of my panel is to portray the lush greens, bold forms but also intricate structures and lines of tropical foliage plants in the Botanical Gardens, Singapore, where I live.

In pursuit of the perfect plant portrait I got to know plantsman, endured multiple mosquito bites and was continually being soaked by tropical downpours.

The panel as a whole reflects the infinite ingenuity of foliage plants to develop the variety of leaf surface structures to protect them and to enable the plant to receive the right amount of sun to thrive in the heat and humidity of Singapore.

This GIF is for representation of the Sequence only. It does not reflect the image quality seen during the assessment.