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A concept-led book that uses photography as a medium of visual communication in its own right

Photobooks are based on an idea or concept, with all aspects of the book, not only the photography, being aimed at the presentation and experience of the idea or concept to the reader. It differs from a book of photographs, where the book is the container for the photographs. What's looked for in a photobook is particular attention to the book as an object, in which the selection of images, sequence, scale typography, and materials are all carefully considered. 



6th October 2023

Submission to arrive by:
15th September

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the submissions, Photobook assessments are held without an audience. 

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CREDIT: Jude Beck on Unsplash

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Photobooks: A talk by Former Co-Chair Stewart Wall ARPS


Former Co-Chair of the Photobooks genre, Stewart Wall ARPS, hosted an online talk about the Distinctions Photobooks genre.

In this talk, he covers what a photobook is and what the Photobooks panel are looking for when it comes to an assessment.

You can watch the talk on this page or on YouTube

Making Books A Guide To Creating Hand Crafted Books

Photobook Suggestion

Making Books: A guide to creating hand-crafted books

By The London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA) 

View on Amazon ↗
Understanding Photobooks

Photobook Suggestion

Understanding Photobooks: The Form and Content of the Photographic Book

By Dr. Jorg M. Colberg

View on Amazon ↗

Photobook Suggestion

Photobooks &: a critical companion to the contemporary medium

By Matt Johnston

View on Amazon ↗

The RPS does not endorse any of these photobooks.

Panel Members

2022 - 2023

Ray Spence FRPS - Chair

Photographer, author and self-publisher
Lecturer in Photography

Tessa Mills FRPS

Maker of individually creative photography books

Richard Hall FRPS

Photobook Maker and Collector

Fiona McCowan FRPS

Specialist in hand-made books

Paul Mitchell FRPS

Photographer and Graphic Designer specialising in books and magazines

Dr Tim Daly FRPS

Photographer, author and self-publisher

Senior Lecturer in Photography

Simon Ciappara FRPS

Photographer, Papermaker, Designer/Maker of unique hand made books & Artist.

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Distinctions Department
Office Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.