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How to book a one2one

instructions on how to book a one2one via your portal

1. You'll need to log into your portal. This can be done via There is a Login link in the navigation bar above or you can use the button below. Portal accounts are free and if you've not yet created an account or aren't currently a member you can sign up via the Create a free account button which is available on the login page. Please note: this service is a membership benefit; you'll need to be a current RPS member in order to book a one2one. 

2. Once you've logged in you'll land on on the home page.

Portal Home Page

3. From the home page click Events and then select Upcoming Events.

Portal Events

4. Once the page has loaded, you'll be able to view all the planned events. Near the top, listed under Ongoing events, you'll find three events for one2ones; Dinstinctions: Licentiate one2one, Distinctions: Associate one2one Distinctions: Fellowship one2one

Portal One2one Events

4. Select your chosen one2one and follow the instructions via the Book Now button.