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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.

CREDIT: Alison Webber FRPS

Alison Webber FRPS

Prints Submission

Statement of Intent

Through an Aspergic Lens

Motionless and powerless to move

I am mesmerised by the bold rectilinear shapes,

their tones a stark contrast with their surroundings,

dazzled by the glare.

In this virtual reality the shapes come to life,

bursting out from their surroundings,

dominating the rest of the scene, rendering it almost insignificant.

Restless and agitated,

I begin to feel overwhelmed by this sensory overload.

Part of me wants to look away,

but I am hopelessly drawn to the beauty before me.

I search for my sunglasses,

overcome by the need to shield my eyes.

I could be in the cinema watching a film in 3D and yet I am not.

Detached and disassociated from other people's perceptions,

I am experiencing my version of autistic reality.

A reality defined by an idiosyncrasy I cannot control.

A reality I chose to conceal for fear of humiliation and ridicule.

And yet a reality which increasingly seeks acknowledgement and countenance.

A reality which begs to be freed from the shadows and given a voice.

A voice which will grant it validity and self-worth.

A voice which will give it meaning.

A voice which accepts this idiosyncrasy as an expression of my own individuality.