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CREDIT: Christopher Osborne FRPS

Christopher Osborne FRPS

Print Submission

Statement of Intent

The places where water meets and shapes the land produce an inspiring variety of mood, atmosphere and form. And Scotland, my adopted home for over 20 years, has countless examples.

I used Polaroid film and water to create a set of prints that I hope evokes the fragile and dynamic nature of the relationship between land and water. There is an exciting unpredictability about the way Polaroid film responds to the image and the way water shapes the Polaroid emulsion on the paper that reflects the unpredictable action of water on land.

The presence of occasional man-made elements serves as a reminder that although they have not been there long enough for water to have left the same marks it has on the land, these things are by no means immune. Eventually they too will succumb to one of nature's most powerful forces.