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CREDIT: Darron Matthews FRPS

Darron Matthews FRPS

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Statement of Intent

How Common are our Common Insects?

When in the field, on my knees recording an image, I frequently get asked by passers-by, “what are you doing? In reply, “Taking a picture of this”, whilst pointing to an insect in the grasses. Looking with a blank face, “I’ve never seen one of those before.” And as if by magic, they start looking into the grasses themselves. Have I just opened someone’s eyes? Will they ever walk through these fields blindfolded again? Perhaps not.

It just goes to show, so many of us are wrapped up in our own little world, and just too blind to see what really is below our feet. I’d like to show with my panel a variety of subjects that are common, but not to everyone, and found almost anywhere. From insects in flight to resting and reproducing.

Is “Common” becoming a name and not a meaning?