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CREDIT: David Rutter FRPS

David Rutter FRPS

Digital Submission

Statement of Intent

Abstract Simplicity

I invite you to join my celebration of style and look beyond the subject. My images provide identity with soul through creative technique, this enhances the image structure and substance and thereby benefits the visual perception. The composition of lines, shadows, texture, tone, colour, and space enthral me but it is my love of light and shade rising and falling across simple components that I find most beautiful and compelling.

My images take a minimalist approach with abstract realism to demonstrate a creative identity with a very
simple material subject.

Harnessing differing shades of the three pillar stones of photographic colour: red, green and blue, I have
painstakingly blended them with the fundamental ingredient of light to create carefully lit scenes transitioning from soft light to dark shadow in combination with a soft focus fall off.

Here I present my love of the fundamental elements of photography as Abstract Simplicity.