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CREDIT: Jayne Odell FRPS

Jayne Odell FRPS

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At the end of our garden

As a child in the late 70's I remember the journey to Newmarket in my Dad's old Vauxhall Viva to visit Uncle Roy working at the stables. Fast forward 40 years, I'm living behind one of the yards - which are the lifeblood and rhythm of this town.

I wake to the 'neighing' of the morning call and the sound of clip-clopping as the horses circle the yard - the timekeepers of the town. I find peace when I'm there, drinking in the sights and sounds. The repetitious, daily routine in all weathers, the comradeship between the stable-hands, work riders and trainer and their connection with their powerful yet somehow vulnerable flighty thoroughbreds -worlds apart from the high heels and frivolous glamour of race day.

This panel shares some behind the scenes moments as gutsy monochrome images - enhancing my experience of living here.