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CREDIT: Mark Phillips FRPS

Mark Phillips FRPS

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Statement of Intent

‘Embargoed’ Havana and ‘bustling’ New York, both dense urban spaces, but worlds apart.
Space for sports and recreation are confined, competing with the demands of city life.

In Havana, the few Áreas Deportivas Urbanas are little more than reclaimed derelict sites.
Often hidden away, they are confined by decaying walls or metal fencing, with basic
equipment and concrete ‘pitches’ roughly marked out in paint. By contrast, New York City
has thousands of well-maintained and well-equipped courts, fenced off for safety and

They are places to compete, or to exercise, to socialise or just escape; providing a refuge
and insulation from the daily urban pressures.

Superficially, they may seem a world apart, but in essence, they are the same.