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CREDIT: Matt Jacobs FRPS

Matt Jacobs FRPS

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Statement of Intent 

Stripping one of the most colourful environments on earth of its colour may, on first impression, seem perverse. My position however is that in presenting the underwater world in black and white, an element is added rather than taken away.

Shipwrecks take on an ethereal, ghostly presence as if time is standing still for them, a warship stands by in eerie readiness even though its back lies broken. Dolphins and sharks take on a muscular beauty with the highlights and shadows accentuating their effortless presence and grace. Silhouettes, shafts of light and shimmering bubbles are revealed once the veil of colour is lifted.

Underwater photography is fraught with challenges, limitations and dangers. In overcoming these, my aim is to not only bring to the surface a vision of a world that few have experienced, but to provide my galleries and collectors with another dimension that is otherwise hidden by colour.