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CREDIT: Moira Gardner FRPS

Moira Gardner FRPS

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Statement of Intent

Crepuscular and Nocturnal Creatures

Rainforest and Cloud Forest are very diverse habitats, which have often been photographed during daylight hours, but few people venture into such places during the hours of darkness.

My Panel shows the life and activity, which is only visible when the sun sets.  Nocturnal creatures come to life prowling the forestation, in order to feed, mate and cleanse etc.  Diurnal species can also occasionally be discovered during the night.  Both diurnal and nocturnal creatures prefer to metamorphose in the dark, as it would be too dangerous to undergo this transformation during the hours of daylight.

I have tried to capture various species from the forest floor to the canopy, from dusk to dawn.

All photographs were taken in the wild, trying to avoid distracting backgrounds and include the use of multiple sources of light.

The forest at night is a mysterious place and you never know what you can find.  It was challenging trying to search the undergrowth, looking for creatures.  You need to be careful and avoid venomous snakes and spiders, but of course there are the mites, who love to bite human flesh and cause intense itching. Overcome these difficulties and the rewards are huge.  Insects such as the Hornworm with parasitic wasp cocoons is a rare sight.  Also the Kinkajou, which is a canopy dweller, often viewed from afar, decided to descend the tree trunk, enabling me to photograph it.