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Tim Gouw Photograph
CREDIT: Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Distinctions Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before booking an assessment

  1. Retention of Work
    The Society reserves the right to retain your portfolio after the assessment date for a maximum of 6 months.

  2. Non Return Portfolio 
    If you choose not to have your portfolio returned and indicated "Non-return" on your booking form, it will be disposed of 31 days after the assessment date.

  3. Care of your Portfolio
    All reasonable care will be take on your submitted portfolio, but The Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage whilst in its care or in transit.

  4. Panel members
    Under no circumstances should applicants contact panel members/chair direct without the permission from the Department, any breach of this rule could result in the application being withdrawn.

  5. Copyright and Reproduction
    The applicant must own the copyright to, and be the creator of, all the photographic elements in a submission. No third party images may be used unless allowed for in the genre' requirements.

    The Society may copy, publish and use successful applications for helping other potential applicants and promoting the Distinctions. Copyright of the images remains with the applicant and all work will be attributed. The Society will not use an image outside these uses without your permission.

  6. Cancellation Policy
    After submitting your application form, if for any reason you are unable to send your submission or need to make other changes, please e-mail  

    Any cancellations or change requests must be made via e-mail. If you cancel/defer within 14 days of your assessment date you will be fully charged for the assessment. We are unable to offer a refund or deferral. You can request once only to cancel/defer 15 days or more prior to your assessment, without any charge, but all future requests will incur a £25 administration charge.

  7. Appeals and Complaints
    The decision of the assessment panel is final. If an applicant considers that the RPS has not followed its published procedures they can lodge an appeal in writing, within four weeks of the feedback letter being received, stating the grounds for an appeal to The RPS will review and report back it decision within 28 days. Complaints please email

  8. Certificate and using the LRPS/ARPS/FRPS
    Extract from the By-Laws of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. A Certificate, under the seal of the Society, shall be issued to all who are admitted to its Licentiate, Associate or Fellowship; but in all cases, such Licentiate, Associate or Fellowship shall be personal to the individual member, and shall not be used as part of the registered name of any company or corporate body or any business whatsoever. The Certificates granted by the Society evidencing the admission of any person to Licentiate, Associate or Fellowship, as the case may be, shall be the sole property of the Society and Certificates shall be held by members only so long as they remain Licentiates, Associates or Fellows and, upon ceasing to be such, the Certificates shall be returned at once to the Society. Should I cease to be a paid-up member of the Society, I will no longer use the post nominals, LRPS, ARPS and FRPS including any of the qualifications post nominals.

  9. Membership
    Distinctions and Qualifications are only awarded to members of the Society. 

  10. Model release form
    For the majority of portfolio submissions there is no requirement for an applicant to provide a release form where images make use of models. Should the Society wish to show a portfolio publicly, outside of an assessment, or reproduce it online or in the RPS Journal it may require a copy of a model release form. In rare cases, at the Society’s sole discretion, and before an submission is accepted it may require an appropriately signed release form(s) covering all individuals who are the subject of the images submitted. If you have any questions please contact: