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An alternative format to gain your distinction
To gain a distinction via the Research Genre, you will need to submit written rather than photographic work.

This genre encompasses research in the arts & sciences of photography. It also looks at how photography is considered, how its history is recorded and preserved, how photography is taught and how it is understood in its own terms and as part of wider visual and artistic culture.


Things to consider when preparing your submission...

Applications for our Research Distinction are usually of a written and predominantly scholarly nature. The following points covers most of what the Panel would expect to see (in no particular order):

  1. Research in all its aspects encompassing the arts & sciences of photography reflecting the mission statement of The Society.
  2. Research on an individual photographer, school or genre.
  3. Photographic education.
  4. Aspects of the history of photography.
  5. The conservation and restoration of photographs and photographic material.
  6. Curatorial accomplishments.
  7. New thinking about photography and photographic theory.

Application Documents

Jude Beck Wzk4mcp58ds Unsplash
CREDIT: Jude Beck on Unsplash

one2one advice

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NEW Resource Page

Click through to view our new resources page for the Research Genre. This is a growing archive of resources that include links to thesis' and websites etc. 

Resource Page

Panel Members

2022 - 2023

Prof. Andrea Liggins ASICI FRPS


Prof. Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS
Dr Tim Daly FRPS
Dr Paul Jeff FRPS

Contact us

For help with your Research application, please contact:

Distinctions Department
Office Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.