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Week 4 Clementines And A Blue Vase

End of Module Assessment

How the OU assesses your final submission by Sharon Powell

OU TG089 Digital Photography - 'creating and sharing better images'


Part 1 of the EMA is a panel of 10 images, which consists of 60 marks:

From the entire portfolio of photographs that you have taken, select 10 images and submit these as a panel for assessment.

Ideally you will select photographs that you have taken during the module, but you may include photographs you have taken before you began TG089.

Part 1 of your EMA will be assessed under two headings.  Each heading is worth a maximum of 30 marks. Therefore, Part 1 carries a maximum of 60 marks.

Seeing (visual awareness) (30 marks)

Here the assessors will assess the panel of 10 images as a whole, using the following criteria.

  • Composition and design– do the images demonstrate skills and knowledge of composition (using form, pattern, texture, colour, lighting, cropping, cloning)?
  • Visual creativity– do the images show some imagination and creativity with good use of light and colour in sympathy with the subject?
  • View point– have suitable or interesting viewpoints been chosen?
  • Understanding – empathy and understanding with the subject.
  • Backgrounds – awareness of intrusive or inappropriate backgrounds.
  • Decisive moment– if the images include live action or photojournalism-type grab shots, do the images reveal skilled choice of shutter release moment?
  • Variety in use of camera– do the images communicate different moods, ideas, narratives (for example different lighting conditions or texture)?  Repetition of similar images should be avoided.
  • Clarity of intent (not title dependent).

Technical quality (30 marks)

Here the assessors will assess the panel of 10 images as a whole, using the following criteria.

  • Exposure– is the exposure appropriate – are highlights burnt out or do shadows lack detail?
  • Colour and tone– do images display appropriate control of colours or colour casts?
  • Focus and sharpness– is the main subject sufficiently or correctly in focus? If there is movement in the frame is this handled correctly for the intent? Does the image suffer from camera shake?
  • Depth of field– is the control of depth of field appropriate for the subject or intention?
  • Digital artefacts– is there evidence of over-sharpening or poor cloning or any other digital artefact?
  • Management of lighting– artificial or natural?


Part 2 of the EMA is the written element, which consists of 40 marks:

Part 2 provides you with an opportunity to justify your selection of images and describe the qualities in your photographs.  This part will help the assessors to assess the ‘visual awareness’ and ‘technical qualities’ revealed in your panel shown in Part 1.  Take care to read the questions carefully.  Session 9 contains some further guidance on answering this part of the EMA.

Aim for 200 words per answer.  Any writing beyond 220 words will not be read or awarded marks.  You will not lose marks for writing less than 200 words but may find it difficult to provide a comprehensive answer.