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We present here recent distinction successes from regional members. This should serve as encouragement and inspiration to start or continue a journey towards RPS distinctions.

Richard Glynne Jones ARPS is happy to share his experience and provide support to current or prospective applicants.

If you want to connect with someone particular, write to me at, and I'll try to arrange the contact.

General information about the distinctions are on the Distinctions website. There's also a very active RPS Distinctions Facebook community, where you can get support.


Rolf Kraehenbuehl ARPS

Rolf Kraehenbuehl's digital submission in the Visual Art genre focuses on the human figure in the built environment.


Saul Huck LRPS

Saul Huck earned his LRPS with this refreshing panel, demonstrating a variety of photographic approaches, and mixing monochrome and colour photography in one panel.


Philip Tugwell LRPS

With his LRPS panel, Philip Tugwell demonstrates different photographic approaches to portraiture.

3 Web

Iona O'Neill LRPS

With this LRPS panel Iona O'Neill shows a variety of photographic approaches with different subject matter.

WN Website Neil Johansson 1

Neil Johansson ARPS

Neil Johansson's images for screen, submitted to the Contemporary Photography genre, poignantly visualise and highlight a pressing societal and economic issue.

WN Website Ian O'neill 15

Ian O'Neill ARPS

With his magnificent Travel genre print panel, Ian gets us to meet the people of India.

Distinctions RGJ 3

Richard Glynne Jones ARPS

With his Fine Art print panel, Richard takes us on a deep dive to the blue and surprising depths of a paddling pool in Llandudno. Take a deep breath and equalise!

WN Website Sian Davies 6

Sian Davies ARPS

With her unique visual approach, Sian Davies takes us with her stunning Fine Art print panel to Dinorwic Quarry in a way we haven't seen it before.

Merlin Resized

Sharon Prenton-Jones ARPS

Sharon's enthralling FIPF/ARPS print panel on Celtic Mythology certainly fuels our imagination!

Distinctions CC 6

Carol Cotter ARPS

Carol treats us to her exquisite Cyanotype print panel in the Fine Art genre, and tells us about the challenges she faced.