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LRPS successes


Robert Prenton Jones LRPS

This marvellous LRPS panel by Robert Prenton Jones with landscape, portrait and product photography takes us to different places on the globe and back in time to the master painters.

CREDIT: Geoff Denman

Geoff Denman LRPS

Geoff Denman demonstrates a variety of photographic techniques and image processing skills with his digital LRPS panel.


Saul Huck LRPS

Saul Huck earned his LRPS with this refreshing panel, demonstrating a variety of photographic approaches, and mixing monochrome and colour photography in one panel.

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Iona O'Neill LRPS

With this LRPS panel Iona O'Neill shows a variety of photographic approaches with different subject matter.


Philip Tugwell LRPS

With his LRPS panel, Philip Tugwell demonstrates different photographic approaches to portraiture.