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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.

Distinctions: Sharon Prenton-Jones ARPS

About me:

Hi from North Wales where I live with my husband Robert.  We have our own home studio and are also lucky enough to be surrounded by one of the most photogenic landscapes in the UK.  Although I am comfortable with many genres of photography, I am perhaps best known for combining studio work with the waterfalls, lakes, castles, mountains and beaches that are a short drive from home.

Last year I decided to push myself by creating a Panel of printed images.  As Rob is Irish and I’m Welsh I decided the theme would be Celtic Myths and Legends.  I needed 20/21 images so created 30 so that I could then select what suited the Panel best.  I looked for inspiration everywhere, films, books and song titles, anything that would set me brain whirling. 

I was really thrilled and gained both my ARPS and FIPF; to the right is the Statement of Intent that accompanied the Panel.

Please take a look at our Web Page and get in touch just to say Hi or, if you want to check something out, model for us, or even (when we get up and running after COVID) come along to one of our Workshops:

Statement of Intent

Celtic Mythology exists as a landscape of the imagination.  Ancient tales from Wales, Ireland and Scotland feature images of strong independent women and heroic men appearing through the mists of legend.  Dominated by the colours of earth, sea and forest, my images evoke a common ancestry, undivided by modern borders.  Heroes emerge from backgrounds which are timeless and yet provide a dreamlike context to a shared Celtic heritage.

The challenge was to capture images of mythological characters rather than photographic models.  The willing suspension of disbelief needed to see Queen Maeve in the Sligo hills or Twm Sion Cati riding away from the soldiers of the crown required me to work hard with my models crafting their facial expressions and body posture.  Attempting to capture a sense of timelessness and myth was a difficult yet enormously satisfying challenge.  Here history meets mythology in a visual celebration of the past.