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Distinctions: Richard Glynne Jones ARPS

Distinctions RGJ 8

Statement of Intent: Blue Lagoon

The subject is a paddling pool on a promenade in North Wales.

This small area of blueness sparkles with a Mediterranean shimmer during the summer months. However, the remaining months contrast starkly with this phenomenon.

Adverse weather creates subtler shades of blue, whilst debris blown by wind and abandoned by man collects to decorate the eroding infrastructure of the pool.

I have sought to capture through close-up images, the aforementioned process. With a constant blue backdrop, I have focused on the abstract shapes and accompanying textures. These are complemented by a variety of objets trouvés adding a variety of colour and form.

As often is the case, there can be beauty in decay which is often overlooked by all who visit this location. However, despite such contrasts and challenges, the wonderful and varying blueness continues to provide an eye-catching background.

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