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Distinctions: Sian Davies ARPS

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Statement of Intent: Dinorwic Quarry, the second  largest in the World

Due to the sudden closure of the Dinorwic Quarry 50 years ago, machinery and equipment was abandoned.

Today, sheltered in buildings, heavy machinery is fairly intact but rusty.

Outside the elements are taking their toll.

Remains of rail tracks that carried the slate trucks to port hang precariously over slate mounds or deep chasms. The cutting sheds no longer have roofs. Chains and wire ropes still hang waiting for another working day that will never come. 

Uncut slate does not come in rectangles as seen on our roofs. It comes in huge slabs of different shapes. I have photographed some slabs to use as backgrounds. I superimposed images from the buildings and around the quarry onto the slate shapes. For cohesion the slates shapes are flipped for half of the panel.

To emphasise the slate shape and hard life of the quarrymen I cut them out and surface mounted them.

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