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Presentation Events


Face-to-face presentation events are of course suspended for the time being, but these will resume as soon as we are comfortable to do so in 2022. Here is some information about our Wokingham venue, to aid forward planning.

More details below of planned 2022 events

These are the Sunday dates that have been booked for full-day events at our Wokingham venue except for Colin Westgate on 16th Jan. Other events may change to online depending on ongoing restrictions.



16 January

Colin Westgate FRPS

20 March

Chris Palmer FRPS

24 April

Eddie Hyde FRPS

22 May

A Day with Martin Addison FRPS

Upcoming Event details

2022 03 20 Chris Palmer
Chris Palmer

Morning: ‘Talking Pictures
... followed by ‘On the Beach’
This presentation emphasises Chris's philosophy of getting the image right when he takes it, embracing camera craft, doing the subject justice, and shooting for himself rather than judges. It features a mix of landscape and urban images, as Chris talks about the picture taking experience.
Leading onto ‘On the Beach’: The second half of the morning continues the same theme, but concentrating on location shots taken 'on the beach'.

Afternoon: 'All about RPS distinctions'
Using sample successful 'A' and 'F' panels, Chris talks about the submission process, and appraise potential ideas, themes, and panels.

This is a full-day event at Woosehill Community Hall, Wokingham, Berkshire.

2022 04 24 Eddie Hyde
Eddie Hyde
Eddie Hyde FRPS

Morning: 'I Can’t See the Wood for the Trees' (leading up to Eddie's FRPS panel)
... followed by 'Making Sense of the Landscape' and 'The Art of Seeing'.

Afternoon: 'UK and African Wildlife'

This is a full-day event at Woosehill Community Hall, Wokingham, Berkshire.

Martin Addison
Martin Addison FRPS

‘A Day with Martin Addison FRPS’

He will be speaking about creativity in the morning and will present a new talk in the afternoon

This is a full-day event at Woosehill Community Hall, Wokingham, Berkshire.

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