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Presentation Events

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David Rutter FRPS - 'Abstract Simplicity' Visual Art panel
'Abstract Simplicity' - the path to a successful Visual Art panel and beyond

David Rutter FRPS will be demonstrating his approach to photography with a range of images and explaining his thought process which led him to the creation of his successful Fellowship panel in the Visual Art category.

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Face-to-face presentation events are of course suspended for the time being, but these will resume as soon as we are permitted to do so. Here is some information about our Wokingham venue, to aid forward planning.

These are the dates that have been booked provisionally for events at our Wokingham venue.


  • Sunday 16 January
  • Sunday 20 February
  • Sunday 20 March
  • Sunday 24 April
  • Sunday 15 May
  • Sunday 18 September
  • Sunday 16 October
  • Sunday 20 November


  • Sunday 15 January
  • Sunday 19 February
  • Sunday 26 March
  • Sunday 16 April
  • Sunday 21 May
  • Sunday 17 September
  • Sunday 15 October
  • Sunday 19 November

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