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Presentation Events


Presentation events are a mixture of face to face events at our Wokingham venue and online Zoom presentations. 

More details below of planned events

Events are a mixture of online and in person presentations
The Sunday dates are full-day events at our Wokingham venue.

Upcoming Event details

David Clapp For Website And Salesforce
David Clapp FRPS
“Making strong impactful imagery in any genre"

David:for me, photography will always be the marriage of computers and cameras. Technology and creativity has always been a constant source of fascination and my vision has always taken a rather elliptical orbit, between day / night / landscape / architecture / travel. I can’t define exactly what it is I do - so I do them all.’  The images above reflect this far more than words.

And there is more, Devon, Dartmoor, light painting with The Milky way, the architecture of dishwashing and the synthetic world of Kate Winslett. An opportunity not to be missed for a variety of topics with images you may not even have dreamed of.  

About David

David Clapp is one of the UK’s most successful landscape, travel and architectural photographers. A jack of all trades, he initially began working as a writer, contributing imagery and words for photography magazines. This led to a career as a full time professional photographer in 2009. He has been a Getty Images contributor for the last four years after attaining a contract in 2015. In Jan. 2019 David received a direct FRPS.

David is a global photography workshop leader. He runs workshops through his own limited company taking photographers to some of the most exciting locations on the planet.

David Clapp  FRPS

ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL only £15 for a day packed full of Photography and a Face-to-Face presentation. Non-RPS £18.

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David Rutter Web Image 820X410
David Rutter FRPS
“Driven by aesthetic aspiration"

David: from Political Protests to Pop Art, from Street Life to Still Life, and from Abstract to Carnivals my photography is wide and varied.  Photography is art, whether representational, or with expressive freedom creating abstract imagery, or blending realism with visual fiction our cameras are the ticket to satisfy our emotional creativity.   

David’s mission is to inspire; to encourage others to push boundaries to express their own personal emotions with photographic art to be proud of. 

Mixed with a career within the FTSE 100 pharmaceutical industry David’s pursuits have gone from photography to musician to helicopter pilot and back to photography and he now offers London Photography Workshops, Photographic Mentoring, Advice, and Presenting work - all alongside his role as a Distinctions Assessor for the Royal Photographic Society. 

This is an opportunity to experience photography from diverse subjects with some “before and after” shots as well as successful RPS Associate and Fellowship panels – an event not to be missed.  

David Rutter FRPS 

ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL only £15 for a day packed full of Photography and a Face-to-Face presentation. Non-RPS £18.


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Richard Ellis 820X410
Richard Ellis APRS
“Elements of the Landscape: water”.

The talk will cover at the How, What, When, Where and Why of landscape photography with a focus on scenes involving water in all its forms. Not just seascapes but city scenes by a river especially London. Richard’s interpretations and hence images are very varied and dramatic and simply referring to then as landscape is an injustice. 

After looking at the equipment for landscape photography and some of the unique challenges placed on the photographer operating outdoors, the talk will move to look at the different landscape environments and how they can be approached photographically. Richard will talk about planning and executing a landscape photography trip and how to find new locations. Finally, Richard will share different routes for receiving feedback on your work and displaying it including book making. The day will be illustrated with both projected and print images.

About Richard

Richard is chairman of the Landscape Special Interest Group. He gained his LRPS in 2015 and his ARPS in 2018. His main interests are coastal and island photography. He has very much enjoyed exploring the North-West coast of Scotland and the off shore islands as well as more far flung places such as the Faroe and Lofoten islands.   

This promises to be an entertaining and interesting session with unique insight into a familiar topic. A presentation not to be missed.

Richard Ellis APRS

ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL only £15 for a day packed full of Photography and a Face-to-Face presentation. Non-RPS £18.

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