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RPS Trustee Elections and Appointments 2024

Trustee Recruitment 2024: An invitation from the Nominations Committee

Founded in 1853 the Royal Photographic Society has been engaging people in photography for over 170 years and is an educational charity promoting both the art and science of photography. Underpinned by a Royal Charter and its own set of Bylaws we exist to educate the public, promote the highest standards of photography, and encourage the public appreciation of photography. Membership is open to all, irrespective of experience or knowledge. No qualifications are required to join, simply a passion and love for photography or images, its technologies, or applications. 

We’re now looking for engaged and motivated Trustees to guide and support the RPS on the next stages of its mission to bring photography to everyone. If you have commercial, fundraising, consumer technology, or other Board-level experience, we’d love to hear from you. 

With the rapid evolution of photography, the RPS is on an exciting journey to ensure it continues to fulfill its purpose, to inspire creativity and personal expression in all of us, and to share ideas, beliefs, and interpretations of the world. To continue this mission the RPS Nominations Committee is looking to manage the recruitment of 4 elected Trustees and 2 appointed Trustees to join the RPS Board in 2024. 

The RPS Board of Trustees provide governance and assurance that the RPS fulfills its charitable objectives and supports the RPS Senior Leadership Team, staff and volunteers in effective delivery of the RPS’ strategic and operational plan.   

Trustees play a crucial role in setting and supporting the RPS strategy and the constructive non-executive Board conversation with the Senior Management Team.  We have an excellent board of Trustees, but, in addition to the normal expectations of our Board of Trustees, have identified the following specific gaps, which we would like to recruit for as part of the 2024 election cycle: 

  • Board-level commercial/ financial expertise commensurate with running businesses or organisations of a similar scale. 
  • Innovation and expertise in fundraising. 
  • Insight into new consumer-facing technology and how it can be used to drive engagement. 

Anyone can apply to be a trustee but to be considered for election you must be a RPS member with ten nominations from the wider membership. Otherwise, you will be considered for an appointed role. Please read the eligibility section of the FAQ document for further guidance.

The Trustees are responsible for the overall management and direction of the charity.  All Trustees are therefore expected to bring Board-level experience of similar-sized organisations and particularly strategic abilities to constructively support the bigger picture and transformational journey that the RPS is engaged on.  These include the ability to ensure sound financial and commercial management, upholding excellent governance in line with the RPS charitable status, a collegiate approach to balancing different stakeholder perspectives, and effective collaboration with the other Trustees and the executive Senior Management Team.

Applications are now open and will close on 29th February 

If you have any questions which aren’t covered in the materials above, or would like an informal chat about the role, please contact Alastair Taylor ARPS, the Chair of the Nominations Committee

There will be an online Briefing Session on Monday 12 February 19:00 - 20:30 for those interested in becoming a RPS Trustee at the forthcoming election. The meeting is hosted by the RPS and will be run by the Nominations Committee. Click here to learn more and book your place.

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The Royal Photographic Society is a company incorporated by Royal Charter, and also a registered charity. It is regulated by the Charity Commission. View our Royal Charter and RPS By-Laws here.

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Role of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic leadership of the RPS.

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Our commitment to Inclusion

The Royal Photographic Society is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive organisation,

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The vision of the RPS is to bring photography to everyone, both by providing public benefit and promoting the highest standards of achievement in photography.