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Epo 01 Bahnhof Uetrecht
CREDIT: Eberhard Potempa


Common Exhibition of Ten Photographer of the Germany Chapter
Einladungskarte Proportionen

Welcome to the joint exhibition "Proportion" of the German Chapter.

Ten photographers of the chapter show with six pictures each their interpretation of the topic "Proportion".

Be it the ratio in size between one or more objects or the number or quantity of a group or part of something compared to the whole!

So let yourself be surprised and see with your own eyes what our members have made of it!

Anthony Cutler

Aec07 Doberaner Münster
Aec05 Gross Und Klein
Aec09 Arabesken
Aec10 Der Grosse Kompass
Aec13 S.Maria De Alcobaca
Aec14 Batalha Königlicher Kreuzgang

Andreas Pfeiffer


Chris Renk

CRE 01 Glastonbury Tor During Sunrise
CRE 02 Endurance And Performance Reaching High
CRE 03 Taraxacum Officinale
CRE 04 Colour In Landscape
CRE 06 Deep Inside Of Me, I Know That I Am A King!
CRE 05 Climbs Of A Taste

Eberhard Potempa

Epo 01 Bahnhof Uetrecht
Epo 02 Musée D'art Moderne Grand Duc Jean
Epo 03 Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II
Epo 04 Straßen Felder
Epo 05 Solarwärmekraftwerk Sanlúcar La Mayor
Epo 06 Ev. Kirche In Potsdam

Horst Witthueser

Wit 02 Royal Crescent
Wit 06 Beehives
Wit 08 Stairway To Heaven
Wit 09 Blue Red White
Wit 12 Archway
Wit 14 Passage

Martin Gerling


Siegfried Rubbert

Sir 01 The Cube Berlin
Sir 02 1 1 & 1 6
Sir 03 Maßstäblich
Sir 06 Elbershallen Aufgeteilt
Sir 05 Wo Ein Fenster Ist Ist Auch Eine Tür
Sir 10 Ist Wissen Macht

Eberhard Vogler

Vog 03 Turm 1
Vog 04 Turm 2
Vog 05 Haus 1
Vog 06 Haus 2
Vog 07 Bunker 1
Vog 08 Bunker 2

Ute Gerling


Nikolaus Gruenherz

Gru 02 Der Fotgraf Als Monster
Gru 03 Fast 3 Dreiecke
Gru 04 Im Museum
Gru 05 Zick Zack
Gru 09 Schlagschatten
Gru 06 Halloween