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CREDIT: Eberhard Vogler

Exhibition “Reflection"

We cordially welcome you to the 5th thematic exhibition of our Chapter. This time we have chosen the subject "Reflection".
Vorderseite Rps Reflections 585Pix

Dear friends of the Royal Photographic Society

It has been 12 months since we welcomed you to the last exhibition of our chapter, featured "Colour" as the subject.
As a follow on to our previous exhibition, we have chosen this time the subject "Reflection".

So, come along and discover how the nine Member of our Chapter interpreted the subject.


Anthony Cutler

AEC.Reflections 2
AEC.Reflections 1
AEC.Reflections 3

Chris Renk

20160722 D700 Terrormuenchen 102

Eberhard Potempa

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EP 00002
EP 00004
EP 00003
EP 00007
EP 00005
EP 00006

Horst Witthueser

WIT Jumoing Jack Deal BR
WIT Sailing Greetsiel BR

Martin Gerling

MG 00001
MG 00004
MG 00002
MG 00003

Siegfried Rubbert

SR 00001
SR 00002
SR 00003
SR 00007
SR 00005
SR 00009
SR 00011
SR 00004
SR 00006
SR 00008
SR 00010

Eberhard Vogler

EV 00001
EV 00002
EV 00003

Hans Windgassen

Hawi 00001
Hawi 00002
Hawi 00003
Hawi 00004
Hawi 00005
Hawi 00006
Hawi 00007
Hawi 00008
Hawi 00010
Hawi 00009

Nikolaus Gruenherz

NG 00002
NG 00003
NG 00001
NG 00004
NG 00005