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Travel Image of the Month - April 2020 : Perspective of Youth

Many thanks to all our photographers who entered our monthly Travel Image competition. This month's entries showed that despite the on going 'New Normal', that our photographic colleagues from across the globe were going to ensure that was as competitive a month to judge as all previous months. 

In such trying times, especially where our genre is, to as the least, hampered by lockdown restrictions on travelling to and taking photographs of people and places away from our home bases, digging into your archives for that special shot maybe a way of reviving memories of more 'normal' times. If that's the case then please don't hesitate to enter our May 2020 competition. 

As to this month, it's always good to see the way in which people have interpreted the criteria, as well of course, to see where people have been to. But there can only be one winner and for this month our judge commented that there were ...

"Generally some good images, largely conveying a feeling for the places illustrated. For me, though, 'Perspective of Youth' was the strongest."

"I liked the perspective and also the contrast between the red sandstone in the foreground and the white limestone of the of the "Taj" in the background. The subject is well placed, with his head isolated against the sky the sky, without him the Image is nowhere near as strong. The low position of the camera emphasises the perspective and creates depth to the image.

Congratulations then to Lynda Golightly for her wonderful image. Her winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

Click here to see winning images from previous years or here to see 2019 winners, or here to 2020 winners to date.


Perspective Of Youth.
CREDIT: April Winner : Lynda Golightly
Perspective of Youth
Bagan Scene
CREDIT: Roger Cookson
Bagan Scene
Birds Garden, Hong Kong
CREDIT: Kai Kong Wong
Birds Garden, Hong Kong
Iftar, Deira, Dubai
CREDIT: Daniel Simon
Iftar, Deira, Dubai
Keepy Uppy Novice
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Keep Uppy
Photographing The Buachille
CREDIT: Andrew Flannigan
Photographing The Buachille
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
Street Running Through The Market
Village Potter In Myanmar
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy
Village Potter In Myanmar
Weaving Coir Matting, Kerala
CREDIT: Michael Cook
Weaving Coir Matting, Kerala
CREDIT: Barbara Fleming
A Monk In A Sikkim Monastery
Ho Chi Mings Soldiers 2
CREDIT: Tony Smith
Ho Chi Ming's Soldiers
In Old Tashkent
CREDIT: Rob Morgan
In Old Tashkent
Off To Market Zanzibar
CREDIT: Liz Rhodes
Off To Market, Zanzibar
Open Air Classroom Near Shahpura, Rajasthan
CREDIT: David Pollard
Open Air Classroom, Near Shahpura, Rajasthan
Playing Go In China
CREDIT: Liz Bugg
Playing Go in China
Red Skies Over Lincoln
CREDIT: Stephen McDonald
Red Skies Over Lincoln
Sandra Mason Sweets, Yemen
CREDIT: Sandra Mason
Sweets, Yemen