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Travel Image of the Month 2020 Winners and Galleries

As part of desire by the RPS Travel Group to encourage members to not only take photographs but also to share them more widely, in November 2019 members were encouraged to take part in of a monthly competition to showcase the considerable talent of the photographers within the group. 

Working within the RPS criteria, that a travel picture should portray 'A sense of place', group members who have submitted images in the monthly galleries below have been given wide scope to interpret the criteria. This has led to the submission of some truly amazing shots FROM all over the globe OF locations all over the globe.  

Below are the current monthly winners for 2020, with links to all submissions for that month. Each of the winning shots will go forward as a candidate for Travel Image of the Year at the end of the year. 


Offering On Rail Street
CREDIT: Alistair Cowan

Offering On Rail Street

Offering on Rail Street - Alistair Cowan 

Our judge Richard Lewis ARPS commented:

"Another crop of very good images to select from, with many potential winning candidates.

For me, the one that jumped out was Offering on Rail Street.

It immediately invoked that sense of place, and captured an empathy with the subject. The low level camera position emphasised perspective and enabled the background surroundings to be clearly seen and understood. A nice image, well executed."


Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

January 2020 TIoM

Lone Walker at Kerlingafjoil, Iceland

Lone Walker at Kerlingafjoil, Iceland - Stu Thompson

Our judge Richard Lewis ARPS commented:

"There were several strong contenders for winning this month's competition.  From these I selected Lone Walker at Kerlingafjoil, Iceland. It captures the sense of place, and in particular the vastness and isolation of the location. The eponymous lone walker emphasises the scale and challenge of the terrain, and transforms the image from being a pure landscape.


Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

February 2020 TIoM
CREDIT: Ian Silvester

Ox Cart Racing The Train

"Ox Cart Racing the Train" - Ian Silvester ARPS

Our judge commented:

"I’ve gone for Ox Cart Racing the Train.

This image creates a sense of place and of occasion.  It is well composed with the elements all interlocking nicely.  It also engaged me, with the tension of the approaching train and the ox cart in its path.  The worker looking on from the field behind, and the smoke from the train add to the atmosphere."


Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

March 2020 TIoM
Perspective Of Youth.
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly

Perspective of Youth

'Perspective of Youth' - Lynda Golightly

Our judge commented:

"Generally some good images, largely conveying a feeling for the places illustrated. For me, though, 'Perspective of Youth' was the strongest."
"I liked the perspective and also the contrast between the red sandstone in the foreground and the white limestone of the "Taj" in the background. The subject is well placed, with his head isolated against the sky, without him the Image is nowhere near as strong. The low position of the camera emphasises the perspective and creates depth to the image."

Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.
April 2020 TIoM