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Travel Image of the Month - August 2020 : 'Time to chat - Jamah Masjid' - Tony Beane

So where did August go? In fact was that the Summer? It no sooner seemed like August had arrived than it was all over. Maybe it was the fact that throughout the month there was a constant flow of shots from our colleagues in the Travel Group, so much so that I didn't put out a reminder and we still managed to receive 24 shots of great quality and diversity.

How many competitions are there where you get images like Allen Hartley's 'Taking A Break' shot on Mount Everest, alongside Sandra Mason's 'Ryugyong Hotel' taken in North Korea and Graham Vulliamy's atmospheric 'Trabocchi Coast'? Each intriguing in their own way. 

As ever the selection of this month's winner is down to this month's judge who in this case was Keith Pointon. His comments were 

1st 'Time to chat - Jamah Masjid' -

"This was not an easy choice.

The image is nicely composed and the reclining figure, framed within the arch, contrasts with the surrounding area. Also the horizontal posture and lines give a feeling of peacefulness. A clear sense of place. The two figures are engaged in a conversation and oblivious of all that surrounds them."

Highly Commended - 'Horse Riders of Adam' - Sanjoy Sengupta
"Almost the winner - this is a nicely composed action photo. The two riders are sharp and stand out from the blurred background without losing the context of the whole image".

Highly Commended - 'Route 66' - Lynda Golightly
"A nicely framed and well composed image. The exposure is just right and the image was taken when there was still some interest in the sky. The bright neon signs contrast well with the evening light."

So it's congratulations to Tony Beane for his winning shot this month, and it will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

Send your entries to : 

Click here to see winning images from previous years or here to see 2019 winners, or here to 2020 winners to date.

Time To Chat Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque) Delhi. No Watermark
CREDIT: August Winner : Tony Beane
Time to chat - Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque) Delhi
Behind Brick Lane
CREDIT: Pat Barbour
Behind Brick Lane
The French Accordion Player
CREDIT: Sue Lambert
The French Accordion Player
The Lift Home
CREDIT: Gareth Hughes
The Lift Home
Steep Descent (Bernina Pass, Switzerland)
CREDIT: Phillip Walton
Steep Descent - Bernina Pass, Switzerland
Chinese Whispers
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Chinese Whispers
Route 66
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly
Route 66
The Trabocchi Coast Of Abruzzo In Italy
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy
The Trabocchi Coast of Abruzzo in Italy
Prayer Wheel Ladakh
CREDIT: Andrew Gasson
Prayer Wheel Ladakh
Vatican Visitors
CREDIT: Frank Herrity
Vatican Visitors
Taking A Break. (1 Of 1)
CREDIT: Allan Hartley
Taking A Break, Mount Everest
John Riley The Rock Gibraltar
CREDIT: John Riley
The Rock - Gibraltar
Linda Riley Dragon – Komodo
CREDIT: Linda Riley
Dragon - Komodo
F6C12636 9EE4 4120 A713 1E70D365C6DA
CREDIT: Sanjoy Sengupta
Horse Riders of Adam
Lao Monk Reading
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
Lao Monk Reading
Riverside Dwelling, Rishikesh DAVID POLLARD ARPS
CREDIT: David Pollard
Riverside Dwelling, Rishikesh
Sandra Mason Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, DPRK
CREDIT: Sandra Mason
Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, DPRK
Steve Mcdonald Lonely Vendor
CREDIT: Stephen McDonald
Lonely Trader
Enjoying The Sea
CREDIT: Liz Bugg
Enjoying the sea
2020 08 Rickshaw Driver Delhi
CREDIT: Peter Spring
Rickshaw Driver - Delhi
20190225 DSCF3090
CREDIT: Justin Cliffe
Trimming dowels from dhows - at the dhow-building yard at Sur, Oman
Baobab Avenue
CREDIT: Andy Pinch
Baobab Avenue
Door Of The Sagrada Familia
CREDIT: Tony Au Yeong
Door of the Sagrada Familia
Travel Water Baby, Parnabias, Brazil
CREDIT: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Water baby, Parnabias, Brazil