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Travel Image of the Month - May 2020 - 'Closed for the Night' - Justin Cliffe ARPS

As our Travel image of the Month competition begins to mature, the overall quality of the shots that have been submitted continues to increase, making our judges job in selecting a winner all the more challenging as the months tick away. 

Although there were only a few images submitted in the first couple of weeks, our contributors from across the globe were not shy to share their images as we moved towards the end of the month, and it was good to see the return of photographers to the competition who, because of the times we currently live in and who have  had understandably other priorities, that now feel they have the time to share with us some of their excellent work. 

 Denis Anguige - 'Early Morning Mist'

The ways in which 'a sense of place' has been interpreted this month has been especially interesting. With travel to different parts of the world currently more difficult than ever, our colleagues have been reaching into their past collections with great effect, with wonderful landscapes, portraits and sharply captured moments, all catching the eye.

 Ian Wright - 'Hue and Cry' 

Some of the images have been deeply thought provoking as well, with shots taken by James Machon of a basketball court near Chernobyl and Barbara Fleming's image of the mist shrouded entrance to a monastery drawing you in.
But the final choice of winner came from two shots chosen by our judge Richard Lewis ARPS, who explained the challenge that the two shots posed. 
'The Blue Hour' - Michael Kingston

"After much deliberation and agonising, I went for Closed for the Night over The Blue Hour.
The latter captured a sense of Arctic Chill very well, emphasised by the warm glow of the lights from the cabins.

[But] 'Closed for the Night' captures exactly the feeling of a small town gas station in the middle of nowhere in the American west. Sunset is nicely caught, it's well exposed and nicely framed. And the colours contribute to a very satisfactory and calm image.

'Closed for the Night' - Justin Cliffe ARPS

• So it's congratulations to Justin, and his winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

Click here to see winning images from previous years or here to see 2019 winners, or here to 2020 winners to date.


Closed For The Night
CREDIT: May Winner : Justin Cliffe
Closed for the night
Blackheath Fair By Steve Jones
CREDIT: Steve Jones
Blackheath Fair
Beach Storm
CREDIT: Andy Pinch
Beach Storm
Craftman At Work
CREDIT: Liz Bugg
Craftsman at work
Early Morning Mist
CREDIT: Denis Anguige
Early morning mist
Early Morning Pilgrims Camino De Santiago
CREDIT: Joe Whelehan
Early morning pilgrims, Camino de Santiago
Goatherds At Dusk, Chanoud, Rajasthan DAVID POLLARD ARPS
CREDIT: David Pollard
Goatherds at dusk, Chandoud, Rajasthan
CREDIT: Barabra Fleming
Entrance to a Dargeeling Monastery
The Golden Eagle Hunters
CREDIT: Tony Au Yeong
Golden Eagle Hunters
Hue And Cry, Bhaktapur, Nepal
CREDIT: Ian Wright
Hue and Cry, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Iron Work In Marrakech Souk
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy
Iron work in Marrakech souk
Japanese Bride
CREDIT: Roger Cookson
Japanese Bride
Lurking In The Market, Marrakech
CREDIT: Andrew Flannigan
Lurking in the market
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
Mokpalin departure, Burma
Novice Playtime
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Novice Playtime
Pilgrims In Ladakh
CREDIT: Andrew Gasson
Pilgrims in Ladakh
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly
Slam Dunk James Machon
CREDIT: James Machon
Slam Dunk
Taking A Break
CREDIT: Michael Cook
Taking a break
The Blue Hour Michael Kingston
CREDIT: Michael Kingston
The Blue Hour
 The Valley Of Moses, Tayeb Al Essem, Saudi Arabia
CREDIT: Sandra Mason
The Valley of Moses, Saudi Arabia
Travel Back In Time With An Analogue Camera, Film Roll And Morris Ambassador
CREDIT: Navin Kukadia
Travel back in time with an analogue camera, film roll and Morris Ambassador
Wild Ass
CREDIT: Saurabh Bhattacharyya
Wild Ass