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Travel Image of the Month - October 2020 : Hallstatt - Upper Austria

With 37 shots being entered into the monthly competition in October, it's great see that the popularity of the competition with our colleagues in the travel group continues to flourish. I seem to be saying this every month, but the quality and diversity of the shots that have been submitted to the competition is truly outstanding, and yet again I'm grateful for the fact that there are others who are in the unenviable position of judging the shots rather than me. 

But apart from those shortlisted and obviously the winner, there were some striking images that needed a little bit of a different treatment. The one that specifically stood out was Andrew Gasson's 'Pilgrims, Ladaka'. Initially posted as a 'single', (one third of the width of a webpage) the sight of the pilgrims flattening themselves in reverence on the road needed a wider format on the webpage for it to make visual sense. As a picture it starkly reminds us of just how different life and traditions in other countries can be.
A couple of other shots stood out for me, Laura Morgan's dreamy 'Resting, Angkor Wat' with its focus not on the person but on the sticks in the foreground, created a wonderfully atmospheric shot, while Liz Bugg's 'The Restorer' reflected just how important religious artwork is for different cultures. 

But it was down to our judge for this month Richard Lewis ARPS, to make his selection and he commented:
"My choice for winner this month is:

Hallstat – Upper Austria. - Catherine Philips
The lakeside terracing of the snow covered houses against the soaring rock faces beyond gives a real sense of place and season. This is further emphasised by their reflection in the water, the pine trees on the cliff and on the slope behind the houses, and by the subdued lighting.

Highly commended are three images, each of which also provides a strong sense of place:

The Temple - Lynda Golightly 
This introduces a novel viewpoint to a popular subject, and its monochrome format emphasises the smoke and in turn the atmosphere of the devotional acts taking place.

The Pottery Train, Burma - Ian Silvester
This is an attractive composition, with the near silhouetted train and its large plume of smoke passing over the bridge with sky above and below. It is enhanced in the lower 2/3 of the image by its reflection in the still water with the sidelit fishing gear providing foreground interest.

Early Start in Unalaska - Richard Burn
This does what it says on the can – thanks to its gorgeous atmospheric lighting and colours. A nicely balanced composition benefiting from the complementary patch of light in the otherwise darkly cloudy sky.

Again this month, there were several more images worthy of mention and it was a difficult task to whittle them down to the four above.

As a postscript, I also loved Cat's Eye On The Prize, Moroccan Fish Market - David Pechey
In particular the cat trying to be inconspicuous near the beautifully arrayed fish – it seems that so often, there's always a cat!

• Congratulations to Catherine in only her second submission, her winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

Click here to see winning images from previous years or here to see 2019 winners, or here to 2020 winners to date.

Hallstatt Upper Austria
CREDIT: October Winner ; Catherine Phillips
Hallstatt - Upper Austria
The Temple
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly
The Temple
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
The Pottery Train, Burma
Early Start In Unalaska
CREDIT: Richard Burn
Early Start In Unalaska
Morocco Fish Market
CREDIT: David Pechey
Cat's Eye On The Prize - Moroccan Fish Market
Angkor Wat 064 (1)
CREDIT: Laura Morgan
Resting, Angkor Wat
The Restorer 2
CREDIT: Liz Bugg
The Restorer
Pilgrims Ladakh
CREDIT: Andrew Gasson
Pilgrims, Ladaka
Potato Man Nepal (1 Of 1)
CREDIT: Allan Hartley
The Potato Man, Nepal
Castle Rock Reflection
CREDIT: Gabriele Dellanave
Castle Rock Reflection
Salisbury Cathedral Under Lockdown
CREDIT: Adrian Binney
Salisbury Cathedral under lockdown
Over Here!
CREDIT: Steve Duckworth
Over Here!
The Camel Race
CREDIT: Neil Harris
The Camel Race
Traditional Wrestling In Nigeria
CREDIT: Fela Sanu
Traditional Wrestling In Nigeria
R0001685 1
CREDIT: Kai Kong Wong
After Morning Rain
Senior Citizen Selling Flowers Bolivia
CREDIT: Jeremy Richards
Senior Citizen Selling Flowers - Bolivia
A Wet School Outing In Riga, Latvia
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy
A wet school outing in Riga, Latvia
YVR Harbour Air Dock
CREDIT: Stephen McDonald
Harbor Air Dock, Vancouver
99519856 D4BE 401D AF1D 9061FE64BAC4
CREDIT: Sanjoy Sengupta
Out Of Control
Say Cheese
CREDIT: Nur Tucker
Say Cheese
Breadman Of Kabul
CREDIT: Joe Whelehan
Breadman of Kabul
The Streets Barbados
CREDIT: Andy Ferrington
'The Streets', Barbados
After The Storm
CREDIT: Carl Mason
After The Storm
D7C6D6D2 2B3F 464D A534 97CA291E12E1
CREDIT: John Riley
Time and Tide – Cochin -Kerala
92799390 99BA 4E53 96D4 16BA74CDEB74
CREDIT: Linda Riley
The Family SUV - Ranthambore National Park – Rajasthan
Hội An Transport
CREDIT: Philip Walton
Hội An Transport, Vietnam
Wondering What The Future Holds
CREDIT: Tony Beane
Wondering What the Future Holds
Yellowstone NP Call For Help 094009
CREDIT: Sandy Forthergill
Yellowstone NP - Call for help
Quadra Island Fishing Boats
Quadra Island - Fishing Boats
Ted Burchnall
Axi Women, Yunnan
CREDIT: Frank Herrity
Axi women, Yunnan
By The Shore Of Peterhof
CREDIT: Sandra Mason
By the shore of Peterhof
72 Dpi Title Morning Clouds Over The Place De La Bourse, Bordeaux
CREDIT: John Speller
Morning clouds over the Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux
City Gents
CREDIT: Justin Cliffe
City Gents
Maeklong Junction Thailand
CREDIT: David Agnelli
Maeklong Junction Thailand
Contemplation, Khiva, Uzbekistan
CREDIT: Michael Cook
Contemplation, Khiva, Uzbekistan
My Grandfather, Varennes Military Cemetery, June 1918
CREDIT: Peter Spring
My Grandfather, Varennes Military Cemetery, June 1918
CREDIT: Steve Day
Old Volcanoes, Azores