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Travel Image of the Month - September 2020 : Venice Bridge - Peter Spring 

With 34 entries into our Travel Image of the Month, it was interesting to see the variety of shots that were being submitted by our colleagues. This month, almost more than any other, there were shots which really challenged the RPS travel criteria of 'a sense of place', and by definition, that led to a great diversity amongst the images that were posted on the September competition site.

Anyone looking at the gallery for this month will have personal favourites, and I was particularly struck with Andy Farrington's - Rush Hour, as well as the wonderful simplicity of Jeremy Richard's - End of the Day in Trujillo. 

But thankfully it's down to our judges to make the decisive decision as to which of these shots goes forward to out image of the year. Judged without knowing the authors, for this month that honour fell to committee member Richard Lewis ARPS, who commented that the winner was, 

Venice Bridge at Dusk - Peter Spring

"This cameo could only be Venice. - albeit a quiet backwater away from the main canals. A very compact image that captures the essence of the city, and the light confirms it is indeed dusk. Intricate details such as the wall light and the ironwork on the bridge stand out and add to the composition with other cues adding to the strength of the image."


Berber Sheep Market - Graham Vulliamy
"This image does what it says on the tin – pictures a Berber and his sheep, with others in the background. I love that the sheep is there in the corner, looking directly at the camera in a confident yet curious way, as does the Berber alongside."

Devotion, Sri Lanka - Steve Day
"This image is well suited to its square format and monochrome presentation. It is nicely balanced, exuding sense of place with the devotee facing the Buddha in prayer, and with the crumbling brickwork beyond."

Ladakh - Andrew Gasson
"This image also exudes sense of place. The monastery perched on the mountainside, alone among the snows, with nothing but the breathtaking mountain range and peaks beyond. Really captures a sense of isolation and desolation."

Notable mentions : "I also liked 'Zaanse Schaans' (Jeremy Fraser Mitchell) and the 'Mist at Dorney' (Gareth Hughes) as contenders for Commended."

Congratulations then to Peter Spring for his wonderful shot of Venice, and it will join the other eight contenders for our end of year Travel Image of the Year.

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Venetian Bridge
CREDIT: September Winner : Peter Spring
Venice Bridge At Dusk
Dsc7856 2 (1 Of 1) 2
CREDIT: Andrew Gasson
Sri 580
CREDIT: Steve Day
Devotion, Sri Lanka
Berber Sheep Market
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy
Berber sheep market
Zaanse Schaans
CREDIT: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Zaanse Schaans
Misty Morning - Dorney
CREDIT: Gareth Hughes
Misty Morning - Dorney
Monks Taking Alms
CREDIT: Sanjoy Sangupta
Alm giving ceremony in Luang Prabang
At The End Of The Day Trujillo
CREDIT: Jeremy Richards
At the end of the day in Trujillo
Havana Morning Light
CREDIT: Kai Kong Wong
Havana morning light
Rural Romania Widow With Offering In Churchyard
CREDIT: Laura Morgan
Rural Romania - widow with offering in churchyard
EMA Sunset Navin Kukadia
CREDIT: Nav Kukadia
Fabulous Autumn Sunset at East Midlands Airport
Iran The Ancient Sport
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Iran - The Ancient Sport
After Asado
CREDIT: Phillip Walton
After Asado
Hyderabad At Night
CREDIT: Charles Ashton
Hyderabad At Night
Havana Downtown From Bacardi Building.1
CREDIT: Tony Beane
Havana downtown from Bacardi building
Sossusvlei Namibia
CREDIT: Catherine Phillips
Sossusvlei - Namibia
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly
Sandra Mason Nilometre, Cairo
CREDIT: Sandra Mason
Nilometer, Cairo
Angel's Cup Runneth Over Today
CREDIT: George Pearson
Angel's Cup Overflows for Today at Least
CREDIT: Steve Duckworth
Love Among The Graffiti
Nigeria, Abeokuta, Yoruba Drummers 1
CREDIT: Fela Sanu
Yoruba Street Drummers in Abeokuta
Stubble Burning Zambia
CREDIT: Andy Pinch
Stubble Burning - Zambia
CREDIT: Andy Farrington
Rush Hour
Repairs (1 Of 1)
CREDIT: Allan Hartley
15 SD Snowdon
CREDIT: Stephen Poulton
Snowdon Summit: Extreme Social Distancing
Temple Street
CREDIT: Tony Au Yeong
The night market during Covid-19 in Hong Kong
The Card School
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
The Card School
Bordeaux, France, 2010
CREDIT: David Cummings
Bordeaux, France, 2010
Pack Horse Deliveries, Patagonia, Chile By
CREDIT: Brian Tabor
Pack Horse Deliveries, Patagonia, Chile
Street Dwellerand Her Home A
CREDIT: Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski
Street Dweller and Her Home
The Laundry
CREDIT: Liz Bugg
The Laundry
20180224 DSCF7467
CREDIT: Justin Cliffe
At home with the Ait El Kadis of Taourirt, Morocco
Smiles Of Kerala India John Riley
CREDIT: John Riley
Smiles of Kerala, India
730FCFBB 12E4 4592 98FF 81421A0AF84D
CREDIT: John Clare
Loch Shiel in the shadow of the Jacobite