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Travel Image of the Month - February 2022 : Winter Game, Antarctica - Victor Wong

Many thanks to the many photographers who contributed images for the February Travel image of the Month (TIoM), as ever there were some really outstanding shots submitted by members of the group, and I didn't envy our judge for this month, Justin Cliffe ARPS, his job in selecting from the 20 photographs we received. For every shot he has selected below, it would have been easy to pick another that would equally grace the winner's rostrum.

That said Justin commented; 

"There are some lovely photos competing for this month’s Travel Image of the Month - my picks are those that fulfilled the ‘definition’ of travel photography - so conveying a sense of place.

After some consideration, my winner for February, 2022, is: 

Winter Game, Antarctica - Victor Wong

"This is definitely eye-catching, for a number of reasons, principally for the surprise of seeing someone jumping into what is clearly a very cold sea. I like the bright colours of the figures in the foreground which contrast nicely with the soft shades of grey in the land beyond. The fast shutter speed freezes the motion of the man jumping into the water perfectly and the position of the 4 people in the boat keep the eye directed towards him. Excellent."

The following images are, in no particular order, Highly Commended:

Bull Running in Aigues Mortes - Jay Charnock
"I had assumed that Aigues Mortes was going to be in Spain but, having looked it up, I see that it’s in the south of France. Frantic activity here, well caught with the photographer adopting a low angle which emphasises the action taking place and provides a better view of the man on the white horse behind the running bull."

Dongbolizhan Station awaiting the morning departure, Sandaoling, China - Ian Silvester
"There were two images of steam trains billowing smoke and steam this month, both of which caught my attention however it was this one which just gets my vote - bags of atmosphere, great lighting and the nice inclusion of a very small figure beside the engine, probably about to climb into the cab."

Modern Communication, Shanghai Museum - Steve Day
"The monochrome, structured, treatment works here - as one could imagine the bright colours of the clothes being worn by the people dominating the image whereas, instead, we are drawn to the people and what they are doing. Interesting to look at the faces and expressions of everyone in the frame, all actively involved, with the exception of the little boy. I also like the ‘letterbox’ format used here."

"One other image that I enjoyed, for purely personal reasons, was ‘Dubai Suq in 1979’ Allan Hartley - a place I remember well from working in the region at the time. Such a change from the Dubai Suq now."

• Congratulations then to Victor on his winning shot which will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

A final word. This will be my last month as the coordinator of the TIoM competition before I leave for pastures new. In the two and a half years that I have been in this seat, the competition has grown and flourished as you, the members of the Travel Group, submitted your shots to our galleries. I've been overwhelmed and humbled by the entries I've received, and by the wonderfully warm correspondence that I have been able to enter into with so many of you regarding your shots 'off camera' so to speak. 
From now onwards, this role will be taken by Sue Hutton, who will be known to many of you both for her contributions on the Group's Facebook page and to Share and Chat sessions and as a member of the DIG and Women in Photography groups. I leave you then in very capable hands. 

Best wishes to all Travel Group members, and many thanks for your kind comments. It's been fun. 

Steve Day 

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Winter Game, Antarctica
CREDIT: Victor Wong
Winter Game, Antarctica
Modern Communication, Shanghai Museum
CREDIT: Steve Day
Modern Communication, Shanghai Museum
Dongbolizhan Station Awaiting The Morning Departure, Sandaoling,China
CREDIT: Ian Silvester
Dongbolizhan Station awaiting the morning departure, Sandaoling,China
Bull Running In Aigues Mortes
CREDIT: Jay Charnock
Bull Running in Aigues Mortes
Dubai Suq In 1979 (1 Of 1)
CREDIT: Allan Hartley
Dubai Suq in 1979
Cromer Pier Carl Mason LRPS
CREDIT: Carl Mason
Cromer Pier
Sunset Over The Summer Isles, Christian Brash
CREDIT: Christian Brash
Sunset over the Summer Isles
Racing Up The Sand Dunes, Dumont Dunes, Death Valley, USA
CREDIT: Bob Chiu
Racing up the sand dunes, Dumont Dunes, Death Valley, USA
Street Life, Trinidad, Cuba
CREDIT: Michael Cook
Street Life, Trinidad, Cuba
Approaching Storm
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Approaching storm
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
CREDIT: David Grimwade
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
The School Run, Gaspé, Canada
CREDIT: John Riley
The School Run, Gaspé, Canada
The Full Moon In Luxor, Arab Republic Of Egypt By Thomas Andy Branson
CREDIT: Thomas Andy Branson
The Full Moon in Luxor, Arab Republic of Egypt
Washing The Soul In Darbar Sahib, India
CREDIT: Tao Jaing
Washing the soul in Darbar Sahib, India
Sydney Opera House
CREDIT: Alan Waddell
Sydney Opera House
Splendors Of Naples
CREDIT: Gabrielle Dellanave
Splendors of Naples
Field Worker India
CREDIT: Mike Longhurst
Field worker, India
Fowler 4F Storming By
CREDIT: Phillip Walton
Fowler 4F storming by
Visiting Capadocia1
CREDIT: Sanjoy Sengupta
Visiting Capadocia
Change Of Heart. Lynda Golightly
CREDIT: Lynda Golightly
Change of Heart