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Travel Image of the Month Winners 2024

Getting Us There, Philadelphia, USA by Dan Bronish
CREDIT: Dan Bronish

Getting Us There, Philadelphia, USA

This month's winner is Dan Bronish.

Our judge this month, Richard Lewis, commented,

This is an interesting and nicely framed image that not only conveys sense of place – in this case through the skyline of Philadelphia – but which also emphasises the Travel theme by including the plane that might have got us there, captured at an unusual and prominent angle. Together they form a striking and well composed image, helped by the lighter sky backlighting the buildings beneath a darker layer of clouds above.

2024 TioM January
Summit of Helvellyn Cumbria by Mike Whittle
CREDIT: Mike Whittle

Summit of Helvellyn, Cumbria, UK

This month's winner is Mike Whittle.

Our judge, Richard Lewis, commented:

A simple but very effective image that exudes sense of place with the gathered climbers well positioned in the foreground and several snowy ridges cascading into the mountainous background – resulting in such a feeling of remoteness, you can almost hear the silence.  The prominence of the figures is emphasised by their brightly coloured clothing which contrasts with the receding snow covered ridges that differentiate themselves from each other by their various shades of white and grey as their profiles overlap.  The bags casually laying on the ground around the climbers tell of a job well done, as the latter exchange experiences.  This image shows that you don't need to travel abroad to capture winter mountain scenes laden with snow.

2024 TioM February
Repairing Clothes, Souq Al-Saray, Baghdad by Donatas Gricius
CREDIT: Donatas Gracius

Repairing Clothes, Souq Al-Saray, Baghdad

This month's winner is Donatus Gricius with his image of Repairing Clothes in Souq al-Saray, Baghdad.

Our judge, Glyn Paton, commented: 

This image is all about atmosphere. This run-down stall in a souk tells its own story. From the sandals at the door to the few photos on the back wall.  The ramshackle “cupboard” also at the back has a jumble of a few clothes as does those on the left-hand side.  There aren’t that many clothes, so perhaps he’s very good at turn-round, or perhaps business isn’t thriving.  Of course, it’s the fact that clothes repair is going on in the picture that makes this such a good travel shot.  Rather than the owner looking at the camera, here he is going about his business. The inclusion of the shop sign on the left-hand side also helps to add to the dilapidated atmosphere.

2024 TioM March
Boys Out For Fun, Vietnam By Stu Thompson ARPS
CREDIT: Stu Thompson

Boys out for Fun, Vietnam

Congratulations to Stu Thompson for April's winning photo.

Our judge, Justin Cliffe, commented:

What a delightful photograph, these four boys out enjoying themselves, with the little one, on the left, looking straight at the photographer, creating a nice connection. They are well-framed, the grass verge (and solitary shoe!) holding in the bottom left well and the background pleasingly out of focus. 

The monochrome treatment used here keeps our attention on the boys faces and, apart from the (probably garish) football shirts on two of the boys, gives it a timeless feel. Well taken and very enjoyable.

2024 TioM April
Rickshaw and Diagonals, Kolkata, by George Pearson
CREDIT: George Pearson

Diagonals and Rickshaws, Kolkata, India

Congratulations to George Pearson for his image of rickshaw drivers in Kolkata, India.

Our judge, Glyn Paton, commented:

A great street shot, the background gives us clearly defined subjects.  As the title implies this picture is made by its strong diagonals and they help to place the two figures in the frame.  The two men’s postures and positions are so typical of working men in India, resignation, exhaustion?  The clearly defined muscles and sinews in the arm of the right most person are an indication of the strength required in this line of business.  The crop is very tight but it helps to focus on the main subjects. An excellent street and travel image, with strong characters well depicted.

2024 TioM May