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Travel Image of the Month - May 2020 :  deadline 31st May

These images have been submitted as part of our monthly competition. Please ensure that your images are submitted at 580px wide and 72dpi. 

Submissions are of a single favourite photograph each month that, for you, reflects the essence of travel photography.

There is no restriction on height of the shot – as long as it is reasonable. Also, and especially in light of current events, there are no restrictions on the age of the photograph you submit, apart from the requirement for the chosen image not to have previously been submitted before into an RPS competition. This, it is hoped, will encourage community members to revisit some of their previous shots which meet the stated criteria. 

The submitted images for that month, (e.g. May 1st - 31st) will then form part of a monthly gallery that can be viewed on the website, from which a featured image for the month will be chosen.

The closing date for this month is the 31st May allowing time for the community to upload images in these difficult times.

• The winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

Click here to see winning images from previous years or here to see 2019 winners, or here to 2020 winners to date.


Japanese Bride
Japanese Bride
Entrance to a Dargeeling Monastery
Iron Work In Marrakech Souk
Iron Work In Marrakech Souk
Taking A Break
Taking A Break
The Golden Eagle Hunters
The Golden Eagle Hunters
Closed For The Night
Closed For The Night
Lurking In The Market, Marrakech
Lurking In The Market, Marrakech
Blackheath Fair By Steve Jones
Blackheath Fair
Slam Dunk James Machon LRPS
Slam Dunk, Pripyat, Chernobyl
Beach Storm
Beach Storm
The Blue Hour Michael Kingston
The Blue Hour
Remembrance. Lynda Golightly
Wild Ass
Wild Ass, Ladakh, India
Early Morning Pilgrims Camino De Santiago
Early Morning Pilgrims - Camino de Santiago
Mokpalin Departure, Burma
Craftman At Work
Craftsman At Work
Early Morning Mist
Early morning Mist
Sandra Mason The Valley Of Moses, Tayeb Al Essem, Saudi Arabia
The Valley of Moses, Tayeb Al-Essem
Novice Playtime
Novice playtime
Goatherds At Dusk, Chanoud, Rajasthan DAVID POLLARD ARPS
Goatherds At Dusk, Chanoud, Rajasthan