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RPS Women In Photography

Member's Photobook

Members' Photobooks


Welcome to the collection of photobooks created by the talented members of the RPS Women in Photography group. Explore a diverse range of captivating visual stories and artistic expressions captured within these member photobooks.  

We would love to see your work if you'd like to share your own photobook—it doesn't need to be published and for sale. Please contact for more information.


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An Equal Difference
by Gabrielle Motola

An Equal Difference - A sociological, philosophical photographic exploration of Icelandic society and its relationship to gender equality. Limited edition hardback, eBook and text-only versions are available. 20,000 words/165 photographs

Open: An Equal Difference
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by Dawn Rodgers

Sorrow is a limited-edition photographic book. Encased in a replica of my brother's only surviving school book, it is a personal exploration of grief told through photography. The edition is limited to 150 books.

Open: Sorrow
Dividing Lines
by Frankie McAllister
Dividing Lines - refers first to the Irish border post-Brexit and, more specifically, to the landscapes of Donegal, a border county and a place I have strong connections with. I use the landscape as a metaphor for the artificiality (and absurdity) of the externally imposed division of any landscape.
Open: Dividing Lines
Nixon Photobooks 5X7

What's Your Favourite Photobook?

At WE ARE Magazine, we like to celebrate and showcase the amazing, diverse work of women photographers.

In the forthcoming September issue of the magazine, we invite you to share your favourite photobook by a female or female-identifying photographer. Whether it's a powerful collection of portraits, breathtaking landscapes, witty street photography, or thought-provoking documentary images, we want to hear about the photobook you appreciate the most. Please send in your submission by 21st July 2024. 

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by Caroline Fraser ARPS

'forest' is a book about the mixed emotions that are experienced whilst walking in the forest. When I visit the forests of North Vancouver, where my children live, I vacillate between fear and wonder. This book expresses these emotions using black and white photographs.  

Open: forest
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by Kate Carpenter

Kaleidoscope - The old red family album is falling to pieces; pages are empty, gaps and glue marks on the thick black paper.  Prints are dispersed around the house, and the museum of our lives is randomly curated and re-curated on the mantelpiece, like the shuffling and muddling of memories.  Objects, photographs, articles and other mementoes appear, sit together for a while and then disappear as we shake the kaleidoscope and the story’s emphasis shifts.

Open: Kaleidoscope
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Zones of Possibility
by Helen Rosemier
Zones of Possibility - From March 2020, Helen Rosemier self-isolated in her garden flat for 429 days. During this time she found herself looking back to the past to find her bearings. Whilst exploring the family archive, Rosemier began to create juxtapositions and dialogues between old and new photographs in an attempt to find the edges of her world. The result is a stunning body of work brought to life in an intimate photobook, which will resonate with anyone who has mourned for someone they loved.
Open: Zones of Possibility
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Whose Menopause?

by Marge Bradshaw

In partnership with Bolton at Home and supported by NHS Bolton CCG and Indigo Gender Services, the project ran from January to September 2023 with the aim of using photography to explore, document and share people's experiences of menopause. 'Whose Menopause?' has brought a range of LGBTQ+, health, and place-based partners together to test and inform a new model of working in Bolton.  

Join Marge Bradshaw for her online talk: Whose Menopause? Using socially engaged and archive collections to challenge the narrative of menopause. Book your ticket here.

Open: Whose Menopause?
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Phantom Bodies

by Eli Pimentel ARPS

This book, printed and hand-bound by Bookworks in London, is about Eli's experience of losing a lung. It has been displayed at Offprint at Tate Britain.

Open: Phantom Bodies
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Our Lockdown Garden

by Ruth Toda-Nation

Our Lockdown Garden is a series of socially distanced portraits and interviews showing the passage of time and seasons in an English garden. The work was made in collaboration with octogenarians and nonagenarians at a retirement community during the first Covid-19 pandemic year.

I realised that this would be the last generation to experience both the war and the pandemic, and I wanted to record their experiences as a window back in time for future generations. It is a limited edition book and published by The Mindful Editions. 

Open: Our Lockdown Garden
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RPS Photobooks Distinction

Applicants have for a long time been able to use a book as a means of presentation, but in this genre the photography led photobook is the genre itself.

All elements will be considered that make up your photobook submission, from the images to the colour of the text. What form of photobook you present is under your creative control.

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2983620 Rps Sig The Wishing Tree By Honey J Walker
CREDIT: Honey J Walker

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