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CREDIT: @gabriellamuttone

Women In Photography

Instagram Takeover Instructions 

WIP Takeover Instructions 

WIP members only may participate in the takeover


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Women in Photography Instagram takeover.  We are offering our members an opportunity to share their work with our Instagram followers as an opportunity to reach a new audience.  

Here’s how to submit your information for your three (3) day takeover

Over the 3 day takeover, please submit your images numerically in the following format:

01.your name.jpg

02.your name.jpg

03.your name.jpg

04.your name.jpg


Please use the following text format for your post giving your instructions for our Social Media Team to share:

Post 1. (use images 01 and 02) 

Hello, I'm Your Name, (also include your @instagram id to tag yourself)  a documentary photographer based in xxxx and I'm taking over the RPS WIP Instagram for the next three days. 

My Project xxxx features etc., etc., Tell us what you want to share. 

Include the hashtags that you want us to use.  Our Social Media Team may add a few more if they feel any more are relevant. 

Post 2.  (use image 03) 

Hello, I'm Your Name, as above 

Post 3. (use images 04, 05 and 06) 

Hello, I'm Your Name, as above  


All images must be your own work and by submitting, you give RPS WIP the approval to use them on our Instagram.  WIP reserve the right to refuse any submissions due to content/quality of the images.

Send your low res jpg Instagram ready images (click here for image sizing advice) and your post text to the Social Media Team at

We will schedule your takeover when we have all of the information for your posts.



A Photographer Lost In Lockdown By Alice Chapman
CREDIT: A photographer lost in lockdown by Alice Chapman

A Multifaceted View

Selfie Squared By Teri Walker
CREDIT: Teri Walker
A Multifaceted View
50 images selected by the panel