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CREDIT: RPS Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Giants of Photography - Julia Margaret Cameron

Seeing stuff in the work of others

Readers may already have noted that I love to view prints. I was recently studying the work of Ruth Harriet Louise and concentrating on seeing beyond the print into the intent of the work. Having spent my working life on printing technology I find this really hard but I intend to persevere.

I was  taken by the parallels with the work of Julia Margaret Cameron, having been studying that work at an exhibition in Washington DC.

Although they were active some 70 years apart and on different continents I found it instructive to compare the works. Both worked with large format negatives; Julia with 15 x 12 inch glass and Ruth with "only" 10 x 8 inch film. And both were working in my beloved monochrome.

Both were also accomplished portrait photographers and to my eye had similar approaches.  Emotionally penetrating portraiture in the field of stage and screen. Here Emily Peacock poses as Egeria, from The RPS Collection.

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