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Sun Gold
CREDIT: Cyril Stevens

Print viewing

and the joy it brings

I have a background in photo printing and the viewing of prints is a pleasure that has never left me. A few recent events have allowed me to exercise that pleasure to the full. I look forward to much more of this over my term as President.

I went to Birmingham for the opening of the PAGB Masters of Print exhibition. The PAGB form an effective link with the camera clubs around the country. Camera clubs are a key part of the wider photographic community and contain both existing and potential members. As such interaction with them can be seen as part of our public benefit. I look forward to working on this relationship to mutual benefit through my Presidency.

As President I attended the Fellowship Board as an observer and was very impressed with the rigour that I saw. With both contemporary and fine art Fellowship images on show there was an added bonus of an AV panel too.

Congratulations to all those who received an FRPS as a result of their endeavours this month.

Why not try for another RPS Distinction in 2020?

For me the joy of print is not limited to a paper base. I have a long standing relationship with glass based images, especially Orotones. Illustrated is one from the Permanent Collection of the Melbourne Camera Club, courtesy of Alan Elliott ARPS. Add to these the work of Fenton and Eisenstaedt it has been a good start to my term!